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Dedicated to serve young learners of mathematics

Who is Gigamind Explorer?

Gigamind Explorer Education is founded by a group of professionals in the Education, Psychology and STEM fields in 2011. Our educators have a special dedication to serving young learners of mathematics. Gigamind has been promoting the abacus and math olympiad programs in the Bay Area and offering classes in different after-schools.


Our educators are certificated instructors of Abacus Calculation with Two Hands and Mental Arithmetic Skill and Math Olympiad.  All of our instructors have teaching experiences (Pre-K-12) in the U.S. and other Asian countries. Our curriculum is designed according to the child’s growth and psychological development. Our materials are created and modified based on a group of teachers’ years of professional teaching experience. 

We respect and value every child's individual development and learning ability. As a nonprofit organization serving the education community, our mission is to promote children's positive attitude and inspire their interest in learning math. 


                  Age 2.5-5

This program prepares young children to meet the kindergarten entrance expectations in math. Children's early experience of mathematics lay a foundation for their future mathematics learning and positive math attitudes. Students will learn linear counting, hundred board, sort & classify, basic abacus skills, etc.

Age 2.5-4


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                Age 4-8

In this program, students will learn how to use abacus to solve arithmetic problems and hold mental images to calculate using their own mental power. The class will include Abacus Training, Mental Training, Speed Training, Listen-and-Calculate Training and Read-and-Calculate Training.

Age 4-8

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              Age 6-15

This Math Olympiad program offers students the chance to explore the content and problems on branches of mathematics not conventionally covered at school. Our ongoing series is designed to help students strengthen analytical skill and outside the box thinking in creative problem solving.

Age 6-15

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Age 4 -10
2021-06-15 14.28.50.jpg

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                    Age 4-10

Have you ever thought of relating Math and Creativity together in a workshop?

Join this workshop and allow your child to understand mathematics related to real-life through the use of interesting problems. Roll your sleeves and get your hands and brain ready for all these activities in our workshop.

                    Age 6-15

By taking the test prep, your child will have a firm understanding of the test subjects, be equipped with test taking skills, and feel confident before taking the test! The ultimate goal is to enrich their analytical and problem-solving skills and equip yourself to take math competitions. 

Age 6-15


Enroll in our camp allows your kids to learn different kinds of creative thinking and logic skills.  Students will focus on math as a regular basis and engage their learning in a structured and small size class. Students will learn through games and fun activities.  


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2024 Spring Schedule

Our Spring schedule is out. If you'd like to sign up classes, please click here to check out the class sessions. 


My 5 year old has been coming here for about half a year. I simply wanted him to gain a better sense of numbers and foster a love for math. So far he has achieved both. He understands how 10 ones equals 1 ten and so on because of the abacus...  Now he actually knows what the numbers mean. I'm hoping he continues to enjoy "playing" with numbers.


                                                 Sandi Z.

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