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COVID-19 Protocol

Below are the precautions we’ll make against the coronavirus:

Things parents should do:
- [ ] Do not bring your child to the class if they show any symptoms of sickness.
- [ ] Have your child wear a face mask to cover the mouth.
- [ ] Bring your own stationery (pencils, erasers, crayons) and water.
- [ ] Parents please also wear a mask and restrict yourselves coming into the center.
- [ ] Keep social distance with one another when sending your child in and out.
- [ ] Parents please be punctual and wait outside at the front door. We’ll send your child out when the class ends. 
- [ ] Remind your child not to eat in the classroom.
- [ ] Remind you child to limit their social contact with other kids.

Things we will do:
- [ ] We will only have 4 students per classroom and at most 12 students per session.
- [ ] Students will be seated 1.5 meters away from each other.
- [ ] Teachers are tested for covid-19 monthly.
- [ ] Teachers will wear a face mask and will not go to work if show any symptoms of sickness.
- [ ] Body temperature will be checked before students and teachers enter the classroom.

- [ ] All of our teachers and students will do regular hand washing and use hand sanitizer at transition points.
- [ ] We'll sanitize the desks and chairs after every student used. 
- [ ] Snack break and play time will not be provided at this time.

If there is any changes on the government or city decision, we’ll update you further.

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