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Students take challenges at different Mathematics competitions every year locally and nationally. 

The main goal of these contests is to foster an interest in math and improve the mathematical skills of participants. We help students develop a greater commitment to study mathematics beyond school curriculum and affirmative reinforcement through received certificates and awards.

Our test preparations are included in our regular Math Olympiad classes. Our instructors are highly qualified professionals who have the experience of teaching students of different ages and capabilities and help them achieve their ultimate potential. Our learning materials are tailored-made for specific grade levels and are well organized according to different topics covered in the tests and we also provide mock papers for students to get extensive practice.

Math Kangaroo Test Preparation

In Math Kangaroo Prep classes, we review all topics students encounter in Math Kangaroo Competitions.

This course is for test levels G1-2, G3-4 and G5-6. 

  • Tricks in Calculations & Operations

  • Number Sense and Pattern

  • Modeling problems

  • Number Puzzle and Crytarithm

  • Overlapping and Intervals

  • Age problem 

  • Queue and Pattern Ordering

  • Heads and Legs

  • Logic and Reasoning

  • Excess and Shortage

  • Working Backward

  • Comparison & Equivalent Substitution

  • Geometry and Visuo-spatial Imagination

After taking the preparation sessions, your child will be miles ahead of the competition and ready to place a high test score!


AMC 8 Test Preparation

In AMC 8 preparation course, we review all the topics students encounter in the challenging sections.

This course is for G6-8.

  • Number Puzzles & Number Operations

  • Visuo-spatial Imagination 

  • Logical Thinking & Proportional reasoning

  • Counting principles and Probability

  • Estimation

  • Reading/interpreting graphs and tables

  • Linear or quadratic functions and equations

  • Elementary geometry including Pythagorean Theorem

  • Coordinate geometry


By the end of AMC 8 Prep, your child will have a firm understanding of the test subjects, be equipped with test-taking skills, and feel confident!

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