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How is the class schedule like for the Abacus & Mental Arithmetic program and the Math Olympiad program?  


You can choose any hour during our open hours at each center upon your flexibility. In-person classes can change to distance learning at any time. 

My kid is a beginner. Will my kid be unable to catch up with the class?  


Each student has their own learning progress and goal to meet in the in-person classes. Individualized instruction and tailor-made material will be provided to each student if you sign up for in-person classes.


For online distance learning, the learning content and material are structured and fixed.

What is the teacher-student ratio? 


We like small group learning. One teacher will work with 4-6 students in an in-person class. The online class will have a maximum of 12 students in the class.

Is there any homework?


Yes. The homework will be assigned according to the student's ability, the attended days of class and parent's request for in-person classes.

However, the homework is structured and fixed for online distance learning.  

Is there any extra fee?

  • Registration fee ($85) for new students (included first-time new material)

  • Late Fee ($25) charged for late payment.

  •  $25 service charge for Returned checks.

  • Subsequent material fee ($20 per math workbook).

How is the tuition paid?

Cash or Check (payable to Gigamind Explorer) mail or submit to our staff at the centers.

Paypal or Zella to gigamindexplorer@gmail.com.

There will be a 2.75% fee for credit cards payment. 

What if schedule changed, sick or go travel? 


Parents can schedule make-up classes.

24-hour notification must be received for a make-up class to be granted, if not, the parent is responsible for payment of missed class. 

When is the tuition due? 


The registration fee, tuition for the package fee are due before the first lesson.

All other tuition will be charged based on the payment plan selected.

How is the class schedule set?


The schedule is set according to the school calendar. Parents can schedule make-up classes. All classes and make-up classes must be taken WITHIN the package duration time.

What if I want to withdraw my kid from the program? 


Parents have to give a one-month notice before withdrawal in order to get a refund. A registration fee will be charged again for returned students.