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Find Interests in our programs?

Bring our classes to your school.

Bring our classes to your school.


We offer our programs for local schools and after-school programs as a part of their enrichment programs to enhance student understanding and appreciation of math subjects beyond their school curriculum. We will bring our own curriculum, instructors, and learning materials to your students’ classroom. Our mission is to equip young students with the inspiration, initiative, and curiosity to pursue STEM fields.


What Programs Can We Offer to Your School?





Which schools are we currently serving?


We have been serving local schools and after-school programs in San Mateo, Belmont, Foster City, San Carlos and Redwood City. We are currently offering Abacus and Mental Arithmetic and Math Olympiad enrichment programs to Dreamers and Thinkers, Peninsula Performing Art Academy, Belmont Challenge School, San Mateo Challenge School and Stepping Stone Academy. Our programs have been experienced by more than hundreds of students from Pre-K-12 since 2012. To find out more about the programs taking place at your school, or to request for a program at your school, please contact us by email. 


What makes our program unique?


Our instructors are certificated teachers and our curriculum is developed by a group of educators and professionals to engage students at all learning levels in math. We design and publish our own workbooks and learning material to support our curriculum. Also, we host an Abacus and Mental Arithmetic competition and a Math Olympiad contest annually for students to showcase their learning outcome and math ability. 


                  if you want us to bring our curriculum, instructors and learning material to your classroom!

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