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This program incorporates Montessori teaching to prepare young children to meet the kindergarten entrance expectations in math. Children's early experience of mathematics lay a foundation for their future mathematics learning and positive math attitudes. Students will learn linear counting, hundred board, sort & classify, basic abacus skills, etc. Instructors are qualified Montessori teachers. 

What are the benefits?

  • Acquire basic math concepts

  • Improve concentration on tasks

  • Improve fine motor skill

  • Acquire observation skill

  • Improve memory power

  • Excellent spatial perception

  • Develop positive attitude towards math

  • Self-confidence and self-esteem

  • Development of the left and right brain

When is the best age to learn?  


Age 2.5-5. When children have good control of their motor skills and able to write numbers. 

What do we do during class? 

  • Playing around the Numerals 

  • Abacus learning

  • Hands-on practice

  • Memory power practice

  • Visual and spatial perception games

  • Fine motor skill practice

  • Creativity & imagination games

What concepts will your child learn? 

  • Linear Counting

  • Numerals & Counters

  • Quantity & Symbols

  • Hundred Board

  • Make a 5 & 10

  • Odd & Even

  • Sort & Classify

  • Comparing 

What is the class schedule and tuition?  


Date: Every Tuesday and Thursday 10am-12pm. 

Fee: Eight 2-hour sessions ($375)

  • Ordering

  • Grouping

  • Graph & Pattern

  • Read the clock

  • Pattern

  • Symmetry

  • Basic Abacus Skills

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