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Join Gigamind Explorers allow your child to be immersed in Chinese language and culture. Students will learn day-to-day aspects of Chinese society, such as families, communities, holidays, food and games and develop an awareness of and appreciation for the elements of Chinese culture. 

  • Introduce myself

  • Numbers and colors

  • Family

  • Body parts

  • Animals

  • Weather & Seasons

  • Clothing

  • Hobbies

  • School and activities

  • Time & daily schedule

  • Food and Chinese cuisine

  • Go to a restaurant

  • Grocery shopping

  • House & furniture

Systematic and Customized programs


The topics in our program are all related to the student's daily encounter and environment. Our goal is to raise the student's interest in Chinese language and culture and expose them to a native and authentic Mandarin-speaking environment. 

What do students do during the class?

  • Practice daily conversation​ and greetings with the instructor and classmates

  • Review and learn new vocabulary and engage in speaking activities according to the week's topic

  • One-on-one is important! Correct each individual's pronunciation 

  • Learn how to read and write pinyin

  • Story time! The instructor will interact with the students by raising questions and giving instructions

  • Song & Rhymes! Music and songs can help students remember the pronunciations and phrases

  • Language games -- flashcards, heads-up, act it out, role-play

  • Cultural learning -- let's make some Chinese traditional art & crafts!

  • Practice characters recognition and writing

  • Present a topic to the class

Rich and Relevant Cultural Extensions

Learning how to speak a foreign language isn't enough. We provide cultural topics and context to achieve authentic communication exchange with native speakers. Our students will be introduced to different traditional festivals. They will also engage in fun activities like how to use chopsticks, play ping-pong, Beijing opera mask-making, etc. 

Skills Tutoring

  • Daily conversations

  • Vocabulary building

  • Pronunciations

  • Pinyin 

  • Character writing

  • Listening comprehension 

  • Reading comprehension

  • Grammar rules 

After-school Program

Homework Help and Test Preparations


​Our after-school Mandarin program will adopt the book series Meizhou Chinese 美洲华语 for our students' daily practice. Bring your homework and questions and we will be happy to offer help. For those who are preparing for language proficieny tests, our test prep materials will help you reach your goal. 

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